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Aeronautical Consulting

We are specialists in aeronautical consultancy and management in the drone sector. We provide personalized support and advice in all operations, as well as the necessary documentation to carry them out, facilitating and expediting their processing and resolution.

Our Services

Due to the significant growth of drone activity in Spain and the rest of Europe, a common regulation is necessary. Currently, the following regulations are in force:

  • Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 of 12 March 2019 on unmanned aircraft systems and third country operators of unmanned aircraft systems.
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 of 24 May 2019 on rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft.
  • RD 1036/2017 of December 29 (regarding UAS Zoning and Geographical Zones).

Our work

We ensure a quality service, complying with current procedures and regulations, always prioritizing rigor and operational safety. We provide personalized advice for your project.

"Trust us for the success of your project and operation, and avoid unforeseen issues."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Grupo UAS help me?

    Grupo UAS offers you personalized advice and aeronautical consultancy in the drone sector. We have an expert and professional team that will support you in whatever you need:


    • We help you to evaluate the viability of your drone project and offer you the guidance to carry it out successfully.
    • We take care of the coordination and communication with the competent and involved agencies to streamline all the procedures and obtain the required authorizations for your flights.
    • We prepare all the necessary documentation so that you can operate with peace of mind with your aircraft and comply with all legal requirements.
    • We evaluate and analyze the possible risks associated with your drone operations and provide you with solutions to mitigate them and make them safe.
    • If you are within any inspection or sanction process by AESA, our team will provide you with the necessary support to resolve any situation.
    • We advise you on the choice of flight sites and the most appropriate equipment for your drone activities.


    Our experience and knowledge of current regulations allows us to offer a quality service while maintaining safety at all times. We know how important it is to comply with procedures, requirements and regulations, and we are committed to helping you avoid unforeseen problems.

  • Where can you fly a drone? Which aircraft to choose depending on the type of operation?

    The choice of suitable flight environments and the right aircraft are fundamental factors to ensure the safety, efficiency and success of each operation.

    Selecting the right flight environment involves considering factors such as geography, location and terrain, weather conditions, legal restrictions and the presence of potential obstacles. The right environment minimizes risks and increases the performance of the drone activity.

    Also, choosing the right aircraft is essential for each type of operation. Our drone consulting service will help you choose the most appropriate aircraft according to your needs and specific requirements of the operation. In addition, our professionals will also offer you a personalized approach in the choice of the flight environment, backed by our extensive experience in aeronautical consulting, so you can meet your objectives.

  • Where are drones registered?

    Drones are registered on the AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea) website except for Open Category operations. If you want to fly a drone in Specific Category, it is mandatory to add the aircraft and generate and download an Operational Statement under a STS-ES-01 or STS-ES-02 scenario. The registration must be done in the country of residence or where the activity is performed. In Grupo UAS, we advise you to comply with the registration requirements and any procedure on the AESA website, in addition to providing support in all your drone operations.

  • How to manage an AESA fine?

    To manage a possible AESA sanction, it is very important to take quick and adequate measures. At Grupo UAS, we provide you with specialized legal advice to deal with this type of situation. First of all, it is crucial to review in detail the notification of the possible sanction to analyze the reasons and the applicable regulations infringed. Then, we will advise you on the steps to follow and the options available and, if necessary and feasible, to present the allegations on the possible sanction. Our priority is to protect your interests and rights as a full citizen, and help you to solve any legal situation related to the use of drones under the current regulations. Contact us to solve any doubt and guarantee you a safe and worry-free flight.