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How to Renew the STS Theoretical Certificate

If you are a drone operator, you have probably obtained your Certificate of Theoretical Knowledge from STS. This document is essential to maintain your status as an authorized operator. However, did you know that this certificate needs to be renewed periodically every 2 years? In this article, I will guide you through the process to renew your STS Theoretical Certificate quickly and hassle-free.

Why is it important to renew your certificate?

The STS Theoretical Certificate is essential to demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge of aviation safety and regulations to operate drones safely and legally under the Specific Category. Periodic renewal ensures that you are in compliance with regulations and procedures.

When to Renew your STS Theoretical Certificate?

The validity of the STS Theoretical Certificate is limited in time and varies according to the current regulation, which in this case is 2 years. It is important to check the expiration date of your certificate to know when to proceed with the renewal. Generally, the certificate must be renewed before it expires to avoid interruptions in your ability to legally operate drones.

Steps to Renew your STS Theoretical Certificate

Renewing your STS Theoretical Certificate is a relatively simple process that can be done through the electronic site of the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA). Here are the steps to follow:

1. Preparation: Digital Certificate or PIN Key

Before you begin, make sure you have access to your digital certificate on your computer or have a permanent PIN key. These are necessary to access the electronic site of the Aviation Safety State Agency.

2. Access the AESA Electronic Headquarters

Go to the AESA website and access “General Application. Online procedure”. Then, look for the “Licenses and Certificates” section. This is where you can start the renewal process.

3. Find the STS Section

Within the “Licenses and Certificates” section, scroll down until you find the STS section. Here you will see several options; select “Regenerate STS Certificate”.

4. Renew your Certificate and download it

Once you have completed the process, you will be able to download and obtain your renewed STS theory certificate, with an updated expiration date.

Check the Expiration of Other Certificates

Don’t forget that certificates for the open category, such as A1/A3 and A2, also have an expiration date, although they are valid for a longer period of time. 

You should also be aware to renew your European UAS operator registration when necessary.

Renewing your STS Theoretical Certificate at the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency is an important but easy process. Follow these steps and be sure to keep your documents up to date to comply with current regulations. Remember, air safety depends on operators like you who are committed to regulations and good airspace practices.

If you have any questions or need more information about the renewal process, don’t hesitate to contact us, fly safe and keep your certifications up to date!

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