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How to register a drone with AESA?

The State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA) is the body responsible for ensuring Aviation Safety in Spain, but do you know how to register with AESA as a drone operator? We explain you how! In this guide we give you the necessary steps to register as a UAS operator and register your drone. But if you want us to help you personally in the whole process, please contact us:

Guide to register as a UAS operator and register a drone with AESA

1. Registering in the AESA application

Before registering your drone with the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA )for operations in Specific Category, it is necessary to register as a UAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) operator. Here is a step-by-step guide to perform this process:

To begin, access AESA’s electronic headquarters and select the option “Trámites online”. Then, select “Access to the UAS application”. Here, you will have two options:

  • Registration with digital certificate: This process is automatic and does not require additional documentation, since it collects the data of the Electronic Certificate. You will directly access the application.
  • Registration without digital certificate: In this case, your registration will be reviewed manually. After completing your data, you may be asked for additional documentation. 

Tip: Registering with a digital certificate speeds up the process and allows you direct access to the application and the procedure.

2. Registration as a drone operator

After selecting the type of registration, proceed to complete the registration and provide the required documentation. During this process, you have the option to add a representative other than the operator, who will be able to perform procedures in the application on behalf of the operator.

From Grupo UAS we offer personalized support and advice for all procedures and operations, if you want us to help you please contact our team:

If you have used the digital certificate, you will be able to access the application directly through the key system. Although you will have access to the operator profile, you will not yet have an assigned operator number. To obtain it, click on “New registration” and complete the registration, fill in the data and finish the process by signing digitally. If you choose not to use the digital certificate, you must sign the registration by hand and present it in person at any registration office or at AESA offices to obtain your UAS operator registration number.

3. Register your UAS/drone in your operator profile

Once registered as a drone operator, you will be able to proceed to register your drone in the UAS application only for operations in Specific Category under a standard scenario STS-ES-01 and STS-ES-02. Access the operator profile from the Aircraft section, where you can view the list of registered aircraft or add a new one.

When registering a drone, choose the corresponding class, manufacturer and model. The technical data will be filled in automatically; you will only need to enter the serial number. If the drone has a camera or is intended for specific activities, select the corresponding options and save the information.

Remember to remove aircraft from the list if you remove them from service or if they operate in Open Category only. Also, make modifications only to correct errors in the serial number or other technical details. With these steps, you will have completed the process of registering and registering your drone with AESA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which drones need to be registered with AESA?

If you operate within the open category and the various subcategories, it is not necessary to register the drones.

What happens if I don’t register my drone?

Failure to register your drone for Specific Category operations under a standard scenario and to have obtained the Operational Statement for the scenario may result in legal consequences. AESA can impose sanctions or monetary fines for not complying with the regulations established for drone operation in Spain or not complying with European regulations. It is crucial to comply with the registration process to avoid potential legal problems and ensure the safety of your drone operations.

I hope you already know how to register as an operator and how to register a drone with AESA. If you need help with paperwork or to make the registration in Grupo UAS we can help you.

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