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Drone operator documentation

Have you ever wondered what documents you need to become a drone operator? If you’re interested in the exciting world of unmanned aviation, it’s essential to understand the documentation requirements and regulations you need to comply with. In this article, we’ll break down all the details necessary for you to become a legally registered and knowledgeable drone operator.

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Operations Manual

One of the most critical documents you will need is the Operations Manual. This document will govern all your aerial activities with drones and must contain a generic part and at least one annex describing your authorized Concept of Operations (ConOps) or national standard scenarios that the operator must follow. There are specific formats for these annexes, such as STS-ES-01 and STS-ES-02, which you need to apply for authorization. This manual is a fundamental pillar for the safety and efficiency of your air operations. 

It is important to know that the Operations Manual is only necessary for operations in Specific Category.

Operational Risk Assessment and Mitigation 

For the performance of specialized air operations in controlled airspace or within flight information zones, a specific Operational Risk Assessment and Mitigation (EARO) coordinated with the designated Air Traffic Service Provider (ATSP) in the airspace in question is required, in order to verify the safety of the operation, and the coordination of the operations taking place.

An EARO validated by the ATSP constitutes evidence of aeronautical safety study coordination, in compliance with Article 45.3.c of Royal Decree 1180/2018, and of the coordination procedure with the ATSP, in accordance with UAS.SPEC.040.1.b of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947.

Take out an insurance policy

Another essential requirement is to take out liability insurance

You must have an insurance policy that covers civil liability against third parties in case of damages caused during your operations. For professional flights it is mandatory, while for recreational flights it is recommended.

Other requirements for professional drone operators

In addition to the documents mentioned above, there are other important requirements for professional drone operators:

Become a drone pilot

If you want to become a drone pilot, you will need to get the appropriate certification, either for open category or specific category, which comprises low and medium risk operations. 

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Register as an operator with AESA

Registration as a UAS operator with the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) is a necessary step to operate legally in Spain. This process will allow you to apply for and obtain the required permits and authorizations. 



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