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Grupo UAS

Our extensive experience in the sector has allowed us to have a deep understanding, both technically and legally, of the procedures and processes involved in carrying out drone operations. We are well-versed in obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. We conduct thorough analysis of each operation and project to ensure adherence to the required standards.

As a result of our ongoing work, we have successfully managed drone operations for our clients in various conditions and environments. We are dedicated to providing the knowledge and expertise that this sector demands in order to meet the ever-evolving requirements and overcome administrative hurdles.

Every day, we contribute our knowledge and experience to meet the demands and advancements of the drone industry, both in terms of operational requirements and administrative challenges.

Our incredible team

  • Santos Ramos García

    CEO & Founder
  • Pilar Matamoros Rastrollo

    Administration and Operational Management
  • Javier López Ruiz

    Aeronautical Training and Documentation

Our vision and commitment to the future is to continue being pioneers in the drone industry nationally and internationally. Our mission is to offer a quality service with a personalized treatment, complying with the procedures and regulations in force, to ensure the success of our customers and ours. Our values are:


We are very demanding with our work to meet the requirements demanded by the aeronautical sector. We personally take care to strictly follow the current regulations and thus ensure the success of our clients' projects.

The value of people

The work we do on a daily basis would not be possible without an efficient and committed team, which has the necessary experience and knowledge that the sector and market demand requires.


We base our work methodology on direct and continuous dealings with our clients, being transparent to meet their expectations and requirements, forging and strengthening lasting relationships in the professional and personal spheres.

Our commitment

For us, the most important thing is the client's satisfaction and success. We get involved to the maximum, offering fast and effective solutions to any situation or circumstance.

UAS Group presence and operations